Location Sender

Use the fantastic service provided by What3Words to send me accurate locations. What3Words breaks the world down into 3m x 3m squares and is very useful for pointing out an exact section of roof, for example. If you have never used W3W before, it will give you a quick tour as soon as you click “Got it” on the cookie banner. I’ve also made a little tutorial, available here, which will give you a good introduction to the power of What3Words.

Use a combination of the search, click and satellite views to generate the W3W location words for exact locations you want to show me. Then copy them into the form below and send them over!

The map doesn’t really work on mobile as you lack the screen real estate, so either use this form on your computer or use the mobile app to get your 3 words and paste them into the form below.

what3words map in object

Just submit another form if you need to send more than 5 locations.