Aerial Roof Inspection

Building / Roof Inspections by Drone

Roof and building inspections by drone is an incredibly fast and cost-effective way to assess damage, assist insurance claims or confirm a job has been completed.

High-resolution pictures of a chimney or roof, for example, can be taken safely, easily and quickly and reviewed from the comfort of your office! A zoom camera can be attached to the drone to get an even closer level of detail. It is easy to detect loose tiles or brickwork or other issues such as broken lightning conductors.

Photo from Drone Roof Inspection
Inspections of roofs with a drone are cheaper and quicker than using scaffolding!

Once an inspection is booked, I take care of the risk assessment, the flight planning and liaising with authorities to ensure a safe and legal flight. Once on-site, I can get airborne very quickly, minimising disruption to residents, staff or members of the public.

Without a CAA approved drone operator, it would be impossible to legally fly in many locations. My training and insurance opens up many more possibilities. I have a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and am fully insured for all my aerial operations with a £1million Public Liability policy. I am based in the north-west of England but can travel nationwide. Let’s have a chat and see how we can use a drone to reduce the costs of your building or roof inspections.